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Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks | How to Clean the Bathroom like a Pro!

Cleaning the bathroom can feel like an overwhelming task to do, but it can be done quite easily and quickly by following these simple steps!

Be mindful of the cleaning products used
Use cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals, always opt for natural, non-toxic cleaners that are safe for both your home, your health, and the planet. A great selection of natural bathroom cleaners from eco-conscious brands can be found here.   

1) Steps to Cleaning the Bathroom Sink and Vanity

  • Remove built-up grime and soap scum - Set bathroom accessories like the toothbrush holder and soap dispenser aside, working with a clear surface will allow you to better see all grime left behind on the bathroom counter. Then, dust the bathroom counter with a dry cloth. Once the dust has been removed, spray the bathroom counter with a natural cleaner to remove any stains or residue. 
  • Clean the mirror - Use a non-toxic glass cleaner to remove stains and dust. Check out our blog on how to achieve perfect streak-free windows for more details.
  • Sanitize Bathroom Accessories - Bathroom accessories can get dusty over-time. Use a damp cloth or biodegradable cleaning wipe to remove any dust before placing the accessories back on the bathroom counter. If your toothbrush holder is dishwasher safe, you can also place this into the dishwasher after removing the dust for a deeper clean. 

2) Steps to Cleaning the Toilet

  • Clean toilet bowl - Use a cleaner that is septic-take safe to remove bacteria, hard-water stains, and debris. Squirt a ring of toilet bowl cleaner around the rim of the toilet bowl. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Scrub away the grime.
  • Clean the toilet exterior of the toilet - Wipe down the toilet seat, under the toilet seat, and around the septic tank to remove grime and accumulated dust.

3) Steps to Cleaning the Shower

  • Remove soap scum, rust, mildew, and other debris - When cleaning the bathroom shower tile, use cleaners that will be gentle on your tile but hard on soap scum. Chemical-based cleaners will likely corrode your shower lining making it more susceptible to mildew, natural alternatives will get the job done while being safe for both your home and your health! 
  • Clean the shower door or curtain - Clean your glass shower door with a window cleaner to remove soap scum and hard water stains. Hand-wash your shower curtain liner with a natural cleaning spray that will help remove mildew and soap scum.

4) Steps to Cleaning Floors

  • Refresh the bathmat and towels - Vacuum bathmats then place them in the washing machine along with your bath towels. Be sure to follow care instructions of your bath towels and mat to ensure safe handling.
  • Remove dust and debris from the floor - Use a broom, vacuum, or floor cloth to remove built-up dust and dirt that have accumulated on your bathroom floor.
  • Mop floors - Remove sticky residue and stains by washing the floors using a natural floor cleaner.

5) Enjoy!

  • Liven up the bathroom with aromatherapy scents by lighting a natural, soy candle, and enjoy your clean bathroom!
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