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The Ultimate Guide to Streak-Free, Smudge-Free Windows and Mirrors

How can we quickly and effectively achieve crisp clean reflective surfaces throughout the home? To do this, we must use cleaning tools that will get the job done right the first time.

The tools needed for perfectly clean windows and mirrors:

  • 2 reusable microfiber cloths.
  • Natural window and glass cleaner.
or, you can make your own simple natural window cleaner with:
  • A spray bottle.
  • Distilled White Vinegar.
  • Water.

Why choose microfiber cloths for cleaning?

Microfiber cloths outperform traditional glass cleaning tools like the squeegee or the paper towel. 

Microfibers can attach themselves to the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles, whereas normal cloth fibers in a paper towel are much larger and unable to capture as much dust and dirt. Reusable Microfiber cleaning cloths can give a streak-free shine with as little as one swipe.

Choosing a Window Cleaner (Natural vs Chemical)

Always opt for natural cleaning solutions because mainstream chemical-based cleaners offer more harm than good.

Mainstream chemical-based window cleaners contain harmful ingredients such as Ammonia, Butyl Cellosolve / Glycol Ether, and Phthalates. These ingredients pose mild, to potentially severe dangers such as skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes, or even chemical burns!

Using chemical-based cleaners is unnecessary to do, especially when you can make or buy your own healthy, non-toxic glass cleaner that works perfectly!

How to make your own Natural, Non-Toxic Window Cleaner:

It is easy and cost-effective to make your own window and glass cleaner at home. All you need is 2 simple ingredients:

  • 1 Cups White Distilled Vinegar
  • 3 Cups Water

To make the cleaning solution, you must dilute the vinegar with regular tap water. Then pour your natural cleaning solution into a spray bottle and you are all done! 

But just in case you're short on time, don't have the ingredients on hand, don’t enjoy the smell of vinegar, or simply would just rather purchase your window and glass cleaner, there is a variety of eco-friendly, non-toxic, and highly effective ready-made cleaners available from trustworthy brands.

Our Best-Selling, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic window and glass cleaner:

Method - Glass Cleaner

Steps to cleaning streak-free windows and mirrors:

Now that we have gathered the best tools for the job, we can begin cleaning the windows and glass!

  1. Remove dust on the window and glass surfaces. This can be done simply by wiping the glass down with a clean microfiber cloth.
  2. Spray the natural window cleaner onto a clean microfiber cloth. Spraying the solution onto the cloth rather than the mirror allows for better control of the cleaning solution which will give us a better result.
  3. Wipe the mirror down in a circular motion. 

And now you are left with sparkling windows and glass!

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